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Review New Moon Stephenie Meyer Ô 6 Read & download Review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô Stephenie Meyer Heir daring relationship threatens all that is near and dear to them they realize their troubles may be just beginningLEGIONS OF READERS ENTRANCED BY THE New York Times bestseller Twilight are hungry for the continuing story of star crossed lovers Bell and Edward In New Moon Stephanie Meyer delivers another irresistible combination of romance and suspense with a supernatural spin passionate riveting and full of surprising twists and turns this vampire love saga is well on its way to literary immortality. Have you ever been reading Twilight and been like wow I wish I could read this book except with no romance a ton of suffering a protagonist who s heartbroken to the point of nonfunction for most of the book way of the characters you don t care about and also a lot of extraneous Native American stereotypingBecause if so Stephenie Meyer wrote this book for youYou have to hand it to Steph for a writing a smash hit book and then being like I wonder what would happen if I took all the good fun stuff out of this and then added a bunch of bad stuff Kind of a baller move Especially since it workedAnyway I have a soft spot for these books a mile wide due to a little something called I was thirteen when Edward Cullen changed my life forever and even I had a hard time getting through this one This series is not well written and the characters are not likable and the romance is insta lovey AT BEST All they have going for them is being funHopefully Stephenie Meyer got the memo in time for my reread of EclipseBottom line The best part of this whole book is when like 5 whole months are just blank pages turns out the only thing i needed to become team jacob was 9 years and the harsh hit of realityreview to come 2 stars even when i was 13 i knew this book wasnot goodwhat better time to reread it than in the midst of a reading slump

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Review New Moon Stephenie Meyer Ô 6 Read & download Review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô Stephenie Meyer One where you have to run run till your lungs burst but you can't make your body move fast enough But this was no dream and unlike the nightmare I wasn't running for my life; I was racing to save something infinitely precious My own life meant little to me today FOR BELLA SWAN THERE IS ONE THING important than life itself Edward Cullen But being in love with a vampire is even dangerous than Bella could ever have imagined Edward has already rescued Bella from the clutches of one evil vampire but now as t. You may have heard me rant about the previous novel Twilight I decided to read the seuel just to see if it will get betterBoy was I wrongFirst off we began with Bella Swan bitching about how old she s getting because Edward stays 17 forever and since her birthday is coming up she ll be one year older than her perfect lover Um older than him Looks wise yes but these dumbasses don t realize is that he s 100 YEARS OLDER THAN HER WHAT THE HELL IS HE EVEN DOING IN HIGH SCHOOL IN THE FIRST PLACE What really makes me annoyed with this couple was the fact they were comparing their relationship with Romeo and Juliet It s nowhere even close to that because you two have no reason for loving each other On a side note Romeo and Juliet have no reason for loving each other but they had a lesson in the story They die anywaysAnyways they have a party and things get a little out of control when Bella cuts herself unintentionally and Jasper can t control his vampire needs Edward realizes he needs to protect Bella and in order to do that he must go away with his family In order to pull an irritating fan girlfriend off your back is to hurt them really badly And that s what he doesBella decides that without Edward she has no reason to live any even though she unexplainably can hear him inside her mind What a baby Luckily Jacob saves her from attempted suicide as I m guessing and starts hanging out with her At this point in the story I m starting to hate Jacob a little less and begun to eventually like him because he s of an original character than Edward He makes mistakes unlike Edward He has of a potential and realistic relationship with Bella To top it all off he s a werewolf and vampires so happen to be his worst enemyHowever things start to get complicated in the story When Bella figured out Edward was going to Italy to ask this vampire family to kill him because he thought Bella is dead from some misinterpretation Being the piss off as she is she immediately pushes Jacob aside and her developing feelings and travels to Italy to stop Edward In the end they re together They don t need anyone else only each other to survive Fucking lunaticsI hate Edward now He s just too unoriginal for me Fan girls including Bella only love him because he s the hottest thing since ipods They love an image of their boy dreams but they hate the character that s actually human than Edward the sex god What s the world coming to these days I swear Jacob needs to get out of that retarded novel before Stephanie Meyer comes up with a way to make everyone have a reason to hate him Good job babe good job

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Review New Moon Stephenie Meyer Ô 6 Read & download Review ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ô Stephenie Meyer There is an alternate cover edition for ISBN13 9780316160193 here I knew we were both in mortal danger Still in that instant I felt well Whole I could feel my heart racing in my chest the blood pulsing hot and fast through my veins again My lungs filled deep with the sweet scent that came off his skin It was like there had never been any hole in my chest I was perfect not healed but as if there had never been a wound in the first place I FELT LIKE I WAS TRAPPED IN ONE OF THOSE TERRIFYING NIGHTMARES the. Ohhh yeah I made a BookTube Video all about my scandalously unpopular twilight opinions check out the video to see itif you dareAnyway onwards to the review Forbidden to remember terrified to forget it was a hard line to walk Really cringing at my younger selfAnd yetI still loved itSo I guess I m cringing at my older self too Before you Bella my life was like a moonless night Very dark but there were stars points of light and reason And then you shot across my sky like a meteor Suddenly everything was on fire When Bella gets a paper cut during her birthday she in typical ridiculously unstable fashion slices her arm open and stuffs it with glass She becomes surrounded by seven thirsty vampiresWhile she manages to make it out alive Edward is horrified by what his family has the potential to do How is this a surprise They re bloody vampires Edward does the sensible thing and completely erases himself from her life Bella does the sensible thing and completely erases her mind She throws herself into this weird fugue state for the first few chapters I honestly have no idea how to live without you Codependency for the win Seriously their relationship is so messed up when I think about it 100 year old man 18 year old girl I mean technically it isn t statuary but give Edward a few wrinkles and a stooped walkand this book would be giving off a whole different vibeLooking back now I don t understand how I was Team Edward for this book Poor Jacob did all that work with healing Bella only to get thrown aside as soon as a little sparkle dances her way I remember my sixteen year old self absolutely crying when Bella goes into the fugue state after Edward leaves and bawling again when he came back I kept thinking This is TRUE love Woah Nelly At least I don t feel the same nowright The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge An allegoryAudiobook CommentsThe girl voices done by Ilyana Kadushin were alright but her version of male voices were rather terrible Picture a girl with the scratchy cold voice That s every guy in the book SighYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading