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  • Hardcover
  • 160
  • Reassuring Tales
  • T.E.D. Klein
  • English
  • 21 January 2019
  • 9781596060722

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READ ´ Reassuring Tales READ Reassuring Tales Meticulously crafted and highly memorable TED Klein's work represents some of the best the horror and science fiction genres have to offer From the classic novellas “Black Man With A Horn” “Nadelman's God” “Children of the Kingdom” and “Petey” to the critically acclaimed novel The C. Do I give this two stars or three I m waffling so I ll err on the side of three but it s close I was really expecting to like this I ve read a couple of Klein s famous stories and been really impressed but this not so much Not that there s anything really wrong with the stories here but they re mostly of what I ve come to think of as the Twilight Zone school of storytelling which doesn t do much for me most of the time There are a few good bits here I like the title and cover Events at Poroth Farm is of course Events at Poroth Farm and Klein s introduction is worth reading the book for but all in all I found it to be a disappointment Looking forward to cracking Dark Gods andor The Ceremonies which ll hopefully be a little like what I ve come to expect

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Reassuring Tales

READ ´ Reassuring Tales READ Reassuring Tales Reviously uncollected short stories novellas and screen treatments each one handpicked by the author and book ended by the classic “The Events At Poroth Farm” the basis for the novel for which Klein is best known The CeremoniesBe advised Dear Reader the following tales are anything but reassuri. Camera Shy 1988 Growing Things 1999 Curtains for Nat Crumley 1996 Magic Carpet 1976 One Size Eats All 1993 Ladder 1990 Well Connected 1987 SF 1975 They Don t Write Em Like This Any 1989 The Events at Poroth Farm 1972

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READ ´ Reassuring Tales READ Reassuring Tales Eremonies Klein's fiction is remarkable much vaunted but sadly not abundantIt has been sixteen years since the release of Klein's novella collection Dark Gods Since then fans have been clambering for a follow upThe wait is overSubterranean Press is proud to present Reassuring Tales which features p. I come to TED Klein by way of The Events at Poroth Farm and have bought an entire book on the strength of that story alone and Dark Gods so I was honestly a little surprised by most of the stories in here the overall impression is that they re lighter simply constructed There are exceptions Growing Things is close to what I d expect though I wish it was a little longer and Ladder is oddly cold for its setup and the sweetly fannish nostalgiamagic shop1 setup of They Don t Write Em Like This Any makes me want to curl up with an old magazine and read about a rocket ship or a glittering jeweled horror Some of the others though I ve read before and was shocked to notice that they were hisOverall Not what I was expecting But of the ten tales none are bad four are solid enough I may make a point of looking at them again before I return this library book and one is The Events at Poroth Farm2 An up and down collection but I ll give it three stars 1 You know the magic shop The one where you buy something awesome from the strange proprietor and when you go back the building s empty or the storefront was never there Come on you ve seen it in the old stories although it s a little sparser on the ground these days2 Yes I m always like this about that story You should hear me about Petey